BUFF Filmmakers – 2016 FAQ’s

To save you time emailing us your questions, we will regularly update this FAQ page along with the Filmmakers Screening Pack so you have all the information you need!



Posters size (30×40) Quad. You can’t get them from conventional printers – so search on ebay.

We found: 30 X 40 PRINT ON EBAY

£15.30 plus free delivery – dirt cheap!

It is imperative for Feature filmmakers to have a poster. If it’s too much trouble for short filmmakers, don’t do it.



Screen Test dates are being finalised and will be emailed to you shortly.
Feature films – DCP files or Blue ray
Short films – Blue Ray


Festival Comp tickets for filmmakers : Wed 14- Tues 20th

Filmmakers are entitled 2 comps to attend the screening of your short film and 6 comps for feature films. You must email Addie with names so the tickets can be allocated on the night of your screening. Friends and family, cast and crew must buy their tickets from ODEON Website.

Media Day: July 21st 12pm doors open. 

What is BUFF Media Day? BUFF and JoClarePR invite press, bloggers, journalists and sponsors to meet this years filmmakers, conduct interviews, network and watch trailers of the September schedule. Capacity is 85. The guest list fills up very quickly, so to avoid disappoint please RSVP by Friday 15th July.

ONLY 1 Representative from each film is permitted. So choose 1 person from your cast or crew and send the full name to Addie to rsvp. 

This is a perfect time for: filmmakers to invite agents, press, potential distributors to impress/ discuss and pitch your film.

To RSVP and invite anyone press related, please RSVP addie@buffenterprises.co.uk

  • You do not need your EPK or DVD/ Blue Ray for media day
  • If you have your poster landscape printed, bring it for display.
  • Arrive at Ch4, Horseferry Road SW1P at 12pm for registration.


If you have already emailed us with the BUFF-branded version of your film and film trailer with BUFF laurel, then please ignore. If you haven’t, can you please make sure that the file is ready by 11.00pm, Friday 15th July. If we do not receive the film and trailer by this time, we will not screen the trailer on Thursday 21st Media Day at Channel 4. Email: submit@buffenterprises.co.uk

  • EPK’s are needed by August 20th 
  • Blue Ray and DVD’s are acceptable for short films under 30mins. Films over 30 mins require EPK.


To promote your film via our website box office ticket page, we need either

  • Youtube link
  • Vimeo link

NO OTHER format is required for the trailer. Thank you



Each filmmaker should order 2 copies of their film poster in a quad size 30cmx40cm LANDSCAPE. 1 will be used at Channel 4 and the other at your Odeon screening. Bring to both days.


Send your film synopsis including actors and actress full names and any important or newsworthy details to: Jo at hello@joclarepr.com


The BUFF Awards, sponsored by BBC Films will award filmmakers from 2015.

Films submitted this year, 2016 will be eligible for the long list in 2017.

Script writers who won the script selection will be awarded this year 2016



Awards tickets are currently available with an earlybird discount of 50% off, totalling £107.50. This end Friday July 22nd.

Then you can order tickets from Groupon until mid August for 35% off £139.

After this, the tickets will return to the regular £215 per ticket.

If nominees wish to be seated with friends and family, purchase multiple tickets at the same time. Email us with your transaction code and full name, stating who you would like to be seated next to so we can try to accommodate this in our seating plan. For single tickets, we will try to accommodate you but will naturally give first preference to those who order 5 or more tickets, or a full table of 10.



Each short film will be allocated 2 free tickets, feature lengths will receive 5 free tickets for their screening. You can purchase tickets for friends and family via Odeon or BUFF sites week beginning July 25th



Please use this links when promoting your film online. We would advise you to be promoting your film at least once a day via the main social media networks of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The official hashtags are #BUFF2016 #BritishUrbanFilmFestival & #BuffnessAwaits. We would also advise you to change your avatar to profile the official poster of your film with the BUFF laurel during this publicity period.