Submissions are open now for the 13th British Urban Film Festival in May 2018. Read requirements below.

Filmmakers and scriptwriters who aim to officially enter a submission from 1st October 2017, please refer to the following guidelines below.


1a) For single or multiple film, web series, music video, script submissions, click here

1b) If you are submitting a script and wish to receive a 300 word script report from our judges, regardless of official selection, click here

Send your film along with these components to be officially considered for selection:

  • 5 stills
  • 60 second (or less) trailer
  • Hi-res film poster (500 x 500) via wetransfer
  • 50 word synopsis

Send your 20-90 page script via wetransfer.



Only shortlisted submissions will receive further emails or phone calls from Team BUFF after selections are announced in March 2018. Unsuccessful submissions will not be notified.

All shortlisted submissions must comply with the festival’s screening embargo guarantee. This means that from 8th March – 26 May 2018, the film cannot be screened online, on-air, digitally or on any other theatrical platform in the UK.


Blu-Ray DVD masters, 5 publicity stills, an official trailer + 50 word synopsis will be required if film submissions make the festival shortlist.

All shortlisted films will pre-qualify for eligibility to win a British Urban Film Festival award in 2019. 

Not all shortlisted films will be nominated.

All shortlisted films will be considered for theatrical distribution in sole conjunction with BUFF. Previous BUFF film selections can currently be seen on London Live until Spring 2018 (courtesy of AAA Film & TV).      


All scripts selected will be issued with a 2 year licensing deal to commit AAA Film and TV as a producer of the script if it goes into production.

The final shortlist of 3 scripts will be eligible to receive a British Urban Film Festival award in 2018.


All music videos which get selected will screen at the festival. However only 1 music video will be eligible to receive a British Urban Film Festival award. In addition, the artist/s will be invited to perform live at the 2018 BUFF Awards ceremony. 

PLEASE NOTE: All films which were shown at the 2017 British Urban Film Festival have pre-qualified for eligibility to be long listed for a BUFF Award in 2018. Not all films, filmmakers, actors & actresses will be nominated when the shortlisted is revealed.