The BUFF Blog (August 2009)

Has it really been just over a month since the death of Michael Jackson. Such was the coverage that even the other memorial ceremony that took place on 7/7 (in London’s Hyde Park) was barely mentioned. Speaking of 7/7, it was on that very day that Buff Enterprises was supposed to have been incorporated. Needless to say that some of us involved with the festival are indeed very fortunate and privileged to be able to bring it to you.

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the rights to screen ‘The Homefront’, a documentary directed by Thomas Ikimi which has its’ own take on 7/7. You can see the documentary for yourself online and make your own judgement. Needless to say, Thomas is blowing up in Hollywood, teaming up with man-of-the-moment Idris Elba (him off Family Affairs on Channel 5 amongst other things of course…). Watch this space for news on ‘Legacy’, currently in production.

Also in production is ‘Stick With Me’ – a film which we can confirm will be making its’ premiere at the 2009 British Urban Film Festival. Shot on location across East London, Bernard Kordieh writes and directs his debut mini-feature, a timely tale about peer pressure and the consequences that come with it when fatal choices are made. We can also confirm that Buff Enterprises will be screening exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the film at the festival. Actually, some of the footage is too exclusive for public consumption – don’t worry though, you will be entertained still…

One film which is in the can is ‘1 DAY’ is the first ever British hip hop musical and a very, very bad day in the life of hustler, Flash. Entirely street cast and featuring original hip hop and grime tracks from young rappers in Birmingham, this hard hitting film gets under the skin of guns, gangs and life on road. Those of you who attended BUFF 2008 will have seen ‘Hip-Hop Opera’, part of the successful Don’t Trigger campaign headed up by Raymond Stevenson of Urban Concepts. If anyone can advise what the difference is between an opera and a musical please get in touch.

I could go on with the list of films that are currently in production and about to blow the UK soon – we’ll save that for the festival. Speaking of lists, the Guardian newspaper have recently listed Mr Adulthood – Noel Clarke – as the 83rd most influential person in their annual hitlist of the UK’s top Media 100. According to Media 100, the Bafta award-winning actor, writer and director has more influence than the current controller of Sky1, the head of E4, the executive chairman of ITV, Miley Cyrus and Johnathan Ross. Food for thought…


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