VIP Gold BUFF festival pass

Buff Pass VIP

The 2019 VIP Gold pass gives you the complete BUFF experience of screenings, awards, script readings AND all 3 filmmaker labs. In addition, if you're a filmmaker or scriptwriter, the pass credits you with 1 free submission of your choice to next year's BUFF festival (valid until 31.10.19).

Watch all 52 fantastic films and the Live Script Readings at MET Film School, Ealing Studios and enjoy the in-depth Q&A’s and rich cinematic content.

Attend the prestigious BUFF awards in style at Met Film School, Ealing Studios with big names, decision makers and game changers.

Are you a short film maker, a video content creator, or even a complete novice wanting to break into the film industry? This pass gives you a ticket to attend all 3 filmmaker lab masterclasses - also at MET Film School - where you will learn how to write your film, raise money and shoot it - A GAMECHANGER!


Price: £300.00